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Hoteles Globales en Marbella 

Marbella is the most renowned icon of the Costa de Sol, it needs no introduction anywhere in the world. Undoubtedly, the hotels in Marbella are places that everyone has heard about, no matter where you are from or your age. In fact, talking about the hotels in Marbella means talking about a classic destination, in the province of Málaga, where we have to make special mention to the attractive area for tourism: San Pedro de Alcántara.

Marbella looks out over the Mediterranean Sea from the foots of the Sierra Blanca, a privileged land thanks to its microclimate that renders the visitors of the hotels in Marbella mild temperatures all year round. Those familiar with the hotels in Marbella, in the Costa del Sol of Málaga, know that for decades it has been a tourist horizon characterized by its glamour, distinction and exclusivity.

For those travellers who want to sail or who like playing golf, you will find in the hotels in Marbella an ideal setting that you can enjoy all year round. Something similar happens to those who love shopping, nightclubs or a cosmopolitan ambience, which you will always find on the streets and beaches of Marbella.

If you want to enjoy a unique setting, together with the serene beaches of the Costa del Sol, in the Mediterranean, come to the hotels in Marbella, in Málaga.

Hotels in San Pedro de Alcántara

Costa del Sol - Marbella
Costa del Sol - Marbella