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The hotels in Madrid open its doors to travellers coming to the capital of Spain - who are driven by two very different reasons, but sometimes coincidental.

On the one hand, many visitors stay at the hotels in Madrid driven by work, business, professional and sales activities - and the also so-called congress tourism.

On the other hand, the hotels in Madrid continually welcome a huge amount of travellers searching for, among the streets and plazas, the distinctive elements of an open and cosmopolitan city where you can enjoy cultural and patrimonial tourism, and even shopping tourism. That's right, because hundreds of thousands of people make the most of long weekends or weekend getaways to visit the wonderful list of museums in Madrid, to learn about its rich monumental heritage or to go shopping at the most exclusive stores of Spain.

On the other hand, many travellers stay at the hotels in Madrid on their way to other tourist destinations - they make the most of their stopover by taking in a show or visiting one of its distinguished museums. Everyone knows that Madrid is a place for big concerts, theatre premieres, avant-garde cultural shows, but is also a place suitable for business and sales and professional opportunities. From the hotels in Madrid everything is a stone's throw away.

All in all, the hotels in Madrid are the place where the paths cross of all travellers who come to the capital driven by work, business, shopping and culture, or by their desire to learn more about the huge historical and monumental heritage that makes this capital distinguished.

The hotels in Madrid are places likely to fill your pockets, while nurturing your spirit as well.

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Madrid - San Sebastián de los Reyes

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