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In Majorca, Calas de Mallorca is the a premier tourist location in the area of Manacor. Few places are going to seduce you like the hotels in Calas de Mallorca. They are located between the three coves that make up this ideal family holiday spot, which is also great for sports and water sports - and no other place is better than the Mediterranean. The cliffs and sea floor of Calas de Mallorca are one of the best places for scuba diving.

It's true that any time someone mentions the island of Majorca, we immediately think about the spectacular charm of its coves, places where the beach, waters and cliffs become unique and monumental places, as if they were conceived just for our enjoyment and to remain in the memory of every traveller who chooses the hotels in Calas de Mallorca.

And as if that were not enough, very close to the hotels in Calas de Mallorca, discover the town of Cala Murada, a picturesque spot, surrounded by pine trees - where peace and calm will envelop you every minute of your holidays. A beach with clear blue waters awaits you, at the mouth of a torrent bordering the town of Felanitx, thus forming a natural lake with important biodiversity heritage.

If you choose the hotels in Calas de Mallorca, enjoy a calm and familiar natural setting, with all the services and amenities you need so that your time of rest and fun is unique and unforgettable.

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Mallorca - Calas de Mallorca
Mallorca - Calas de Mallorca