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In Calvià, which in the past was its trading port, discover Santa Ponsa, today a town that is known and valued by many visitors seeking peace and quiet, rest and fun in the island of Mallorca. This is a universal tourist destination that people long for all around the world.

The hotels in Santa Ponsa are today a thriving reality, non-negotiable for those who enjoy its beaches and family and festive setting every year. In the past, it was an old Roman village, Sancta Pontia, to which the population of the municipality of Calvià owes its name. Perhaps in Roman times there were not as many tourist lovers in the hotels in Santa Ponsa, but over eight decades ago many travellers were drawn here because of the charming beach and pleasant Mediterranean climate. All in all, the hotels of Santa Ponsa always welcome us and make our holidays a wonderful, beneficial and refreshing experience.

In the hotels of Santa Ponsa take delight in all the services and activities that make the beach the best place for feeling good, including sports and outdoor activities, water sports and golf. If you come to the hotels in Santa Ponsa, enjoy a never-ending list of shops, restaurants and places to choose from to make your holidays perfect.

And if you want to experience even more special moments when you come to the hotels in Santa Ponsa, try and come in September for the patron saint festivities. Enjoy, in person, the commemoration of the landing of King James the 1st, with a real battle of Moorish and Christians on the sandy beaches.

And remember, coming to the hotels in Santa Ponsa means coming to Mallorca, synonym to a perfect holiday choice.

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Mallorca - Santa Ponsa
Mallorca - Santa Ponsa