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On the western end of the island of Menorca, discover a place called Cala Blanca, which could be a perfect representation of the Mediterranean coast landscape, in its most natural, balanced and lovely version. Cala Blanca, Menorca, is the perfect place to be admired, but even better, to be intensely enjoyed. If you decide to come to the hotels in Cala Blanca, in Menorca, you'll come into contact with the true paradigm of the Mediterranean, with charming beaches, fine sand, clear-blue waters and a lovely pine forest, which will accompany during your holidays.

Coming to the hotels in Cala Blanca is choosing the natural quality that the island of Menorca has us used to; one of the most appropriate alternatives to travellers concerned with being environmentally-friendly and quality of life. If your destination is a hotel in Cala Blanca, you won't find excessive crowds, or oceans of concrete that steal the fresh air and views of the horizon because Cala Blanca, in Menorca, is all about nature, history, quality and hospitality, right in the heart of the Mediterranean.

Also, from the hotels in Cala Blanca, in Menorca, enjoy visiting Ciutadella, a town filled with history and character, heritage and charm. The streets, the port or the cathedral of Ciutadella will remind you at all times that you are in a unique place, with a deeply rooted culture that welcomes any traveller.

If you choose hotels in Cala Blanca, in Menorca, you won't be the first or the last person to visit.

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Menorca - Cala Blanca
Menorca - Cala Blanca
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