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The Balearic Islands and Menorca are rich in remote coves, charming beaches and lovely natural sites. Cala´n Forcat is one of the enclaves that exceeds your expectations completely and places you amidst a unique natural setting - one where any traveller would want to go. Golden sands, impressive cliffs and crystal clear waters will surround you in a place where you will enjoy the unique beauty of one of the most elegant coves of the Mediterranean coast. In fact, if you come to the hotels in Cala´n Forcat, in Menorca, you will be submerged into a natural universe of pure satisfaction, where you will feel the placid and serene calm that can only be found in a place like this. In the hotels in Cala´n Forcat, in Menorca, you will notice that the clock seems to have stopped, giving you time to grab hold of your wellbeing and enjoy it during your entire stay.

In the hotels in Cala´n Forcat, not only will you have all the services and amenities you need, but also you'll take delight in a wide range of outdoor activities and sports amidst a natural, amicable and high-quality environmental setting. Swim, scuba dive, sail, stroll, ride a bike or take in any activity that allows you to intensely enjoy the natural setting and climate of Cala´n Forcat, in Menorca.

The hotels in Cala´n Forcat are located on the west end of the island of Menorca, very close and well connected to Ciutadella. If you come to Cala´n Forcat don't miss visiting Ciutadella with its cathedral, its port, its secluded corners, impregnated with charm and heritage. You won't doubt for a second that you have come to a place with a tremendous history that has seduced many other travellers before you.

Choosing the hotels in Cala´n Forcat means opting for quality, nature and the Mediterranean, in its purest state.

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