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If you searching amongst the hotels in Belgium, remember that the hotels in Liege are a great choice. There is no doubt that Brussels is the capital of Belgium, with all that comes with being the capital of a country - all the Government institutions of the European Union are located on the streets of this beautiful city. But don't forget that the hotels in Liege are an excellent choice if you are looking for hotels in Belgium. The capital of Belgium, Brussels, houses historical and monumental heritage that is worth visiting, but remember that the hotels in Liege are equally worth visiting.

If you stay at the hotels in Liege during your journey, enjoy a city overflowing with historical niches and brimming with monuments and sites of important architectural wealth and heritage. In fact, from the hotels in Liege enjoy the pleasant feeling of the intensely experiencing urban ambience of this Central European city.

From the hotels in Liege, visit the Saint Paul Cathedral, the old Saint Jacques Abbey, the Collegiate Church of Saint Barthélemy, the Basilica of Saint-Martin, the Palace of the Prince Bishops of Liege in addition to many other treasures.

But remember, the hotels in Liege are located right in the heart of Belgium, where it is easy to visit many points of interest of the country, given its relatively small size.

And why not mention that from the hotels in Liege it will be easy to stroll through the city and enjoy the authentic local waffle right on the street.

If you come to the hotels in Belgium, choose the hotels in Liege.

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