International travel destinations in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is an amazing paradise of bio-diversity and beautiful cities with friendly, hospitable inhabitants.

Hoteles Globales en Nicaragua 

Nicaragua has extraordinary environmental resources and a flora and fauna that truly amaze. Exotic species, powerful volcanos, unspoilt beaches and dense jungles abound throughout the Nicaraguan geography.

The capital of Nicaragua, Managua, together with Granada, León, the Corn Islands and Coconut Beach are the most popular tourist destinations in this central American country. Managua has many attractions and is perfectly located as a base from which to discover this great country.

The biodiversity in Nicaragua is truly amazing, but the country also boasts beautiful cities, friendly and hospitable people, impressive colonial and indigenous monuments, tasty cuisine, economical shopping and many other leisure activities to enjoy. The nightlife in Managua is possibly the most lively and dynamic in the whole of Central America.

Nicaragua and its beauty, vivacity and splendour are awaiting you with Hoteles Globales.