International travel destinations in Zurich

Switzerland is a country of noble, monumental cities and beautiful mountain scenery.

Hoteles Globales en Zurich 

Switzerland is a small country located at the centre of the old continent, the home of numerous international organisations such as the World Trade Organisation, the United Nations in Europe, the Red Cross, FIFA and UEFA amongst others.

The principal historic attractions in Switzerland are found in a handful of old cities filled with art, culture and tradition such as Zurich-Dietikon, Genève, Basel, Bern, Lucerne and Lausanne. They are noble cities with a rich history, although there is also intense business and leisure activity. From Zurich-Dietikon, it is easy to visit the rest of the country as the distances between cities are short.

Switzerland is known for the snow, the Alps, the skiing, glaciers and spectacular mountain scenery with immense forests and spectacular lakes.

If you love monumental cities, central European culture, mountain landscapes or skiing and fun sporting activities, then Switzerland is for you. Your Hotel Globales in Zurich-Dietikon awaits you.