Discover our hotels in Calas de Mallorca, the best beaches of the island, Mondragó Natural Park, Drach caves, Rafael Nadal's birthplace.

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Do you know our hotels in Calas de Mallorca? Globales owns two of the best resorts in Calas de Mallorca, in the East coast of the island. The Globales Samoa*** and the Globales América****, both are beachfront and will amaze you with astonishing views to Cala Domingos creek and the recently renewed rooms in the Globales América****.

Both hotels have a perfect location to explore the oriental coast of the island, outlined by infinite creeks. Discover the charm of Cala Romántica, Cala Murada or Cala Magrana, all of them surrounded by quiet forests of Mediterranean pines and white sand. The best beach in the area is Cala Mondragó, in Santanyi, declared a Natural Park in 1992.

Inland, 20 minutes by car, you will find one of the best natural beauties of the island. Cuevas del Drach are enormous caves formed by spectacular stalagmites and stalactites during thousands of years. Its interior lake and its impossible shapes have inspired artists and even movie directors, like Luis Garcia Berlanga. Smaller, but even more beautiful are Hams caves, in Porto Cristo.

Very close to our hotels is the town of Manacor, birthplace of the famous tennis player Rafael Nadal and the headquarters of his new International tennis elite center. Besides, Manacor is known for the great quality of its leather and its typical hand made shoe shops.

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Hotels in Calas de Mallorca

Mallorca - Calas de Mallorca
Globales América

Located in the one of the loveliest areas of Majorca, Calas de Mallorca is made up of a group of crystal clear coves, the Globales America Hotel offers visitors heavenly views. All rooms have been renovated as of 2015.

Mallorca - Calas de Mallorca
Globales Samoa

The Globales Samoa is a beautiful three star hotel in the area of Calas de Mallorca, east of the island. The hotel is near the beach and surrounded by a garden and a pleasant pine forest, which makes it cool in summer evenings.The hotel has all-inclusive available.

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