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Playa de Palma is one of the best known areas of Mallorca, thanks to its location (very close to Palma and the airport) and to the fact that it has one of the longest beaches on the island. From the beginnings of tourism in Mallorca, when it was known as “El Arenal”, this place has become an excellent touristic destination, attracting thousands of tourists every year looking to enjoy the sea in its almost 5 kilometers of length or to have fun with the huge entertainment offer available in this area.

Playa de Palma has fine sand and quiet waters to enjoy swimming, as well as a promenade of the same length as the beach, with a bike lane of almost 15 kilometers connecting with Palma, a big walking area and innumerable entertainment options, shops and restaurants around the 4.6 kilometers of the area. It also condenses the biggest hotel concentration of the island, offering a big variety of accommodation options for tourists enjoying this lively area.

Playa de Palma is very well connected to Palma and the airport thanks to its proximity to the highway, and has several lines of public transport, so it is an ideal start point for those who want to discover Mallorca by bike.

Globales offers you a refurbished 3-star hotel situated few meters from the beach, and with all the comforts and services of a modern hotel of its category, which will allow you to enjoy your holiday in Playa de Palma and make the most of all the leisure and entertainment opportunities which the area has to offer.

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Hotels in Playa de Palma

Mallorca - Playa de Palma
Cook's Club Palma Beach

Cook's Club Palma Beach, 3-star only adults hotel, with gym, pool, live music and DJs and close to the beach. Book online here at the best price.

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