The Globales Castillo de Ayud is a three-star hotel equipped with all the facilities and perfect for sightseeing and enjoying the many attractions in the area.

What to see in Calatayud and surroundings?

The Globales Castillo de Ayud hotel is one of the best hotels for sightseeing in the area and discovering the many places of interest that the area has to offer.

Its location is perfect for strolling through the center of Calatayud. It is located a few meters from the historic center of the city, where you can visit landmarks such as the Mesón de la Dolores or the “Colegiata de Santa Maria la Mayor”. Undoubtedly the ideal place to enjoy the festivities of the Virgen de la Peña, held in September, the festivities of San Roque, in mid-August, or to take a trip to Zaragoza and enjoy the city during the famous Pilar festivities.

The Globales Castillo de Ayud has two distinct parts. A modern hotel area with all the facilities, and the area known as the “Chalet de los Sánchez”, where some of the hotel suites are located.

The Chalet de los Sánchez dates back to 1928, and was an engagement gift from Ricardo Sánchez to his fiancée Berta. The manor house became his lifelong home and is now part of the hotel, housing one of the restaurants and several suites, one of which is located in the tower of the house. The house has a history worth discovering available at this link, which has lived the effects of the Spanish Civil War.

Currently the house is integrated with the modern part of the hotel, and offers our guests the possibility of staying in a unique, historic place, full of history, and at the same time equipped with all the facilities, such as a gym, two restaurants, conference rooms, and parking.

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Pictures of Calatayud

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Hotels in Calatayud

Zaragoza - Calatayud
Globales Castillo de Ayud

The Globales Castillo de Ayud is a three-star hotel located very close to the historic center of Calatayud and the Jalón River. It has two connected buildings, a modern building equipped with comfortable rooms, gym and conference rooms, and a historic building known as the “Chalet de los Sánchez” which hosts superior rooms equivalent to 4-star hotel and one of the restaurants.

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Places of interest

  • Monasterio de piedra.
  • Colegiata Santa María la Mayor.
  • Barrio de la judería.
  • Fiestas de la Virgen de la Peña.
  • Fiestas de San Roque.
  • Mesón La Dolores.

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