Protocolo COVID-19




Globales cares

Your Peace of Mind is ours, and because we want you to enjoy your holiday as you always have with us at Globales we are preparing to offer you the highest level of health, hygiene and safety in our hotels.

Discover our action plan that we are putting in place to make sure that we take care of all our customers and employees alike. This action plan will allow us to return to normal with all the guarantees required, offering you a safe return to our hotels where you can relax and rejuvenate with complete confidence.

We have reinforced and increased in both frequency and intensity the cleaning and disinfection in all areas, especially in the hotels public areas. Each hotel will have a Health and Safety team specifically trained in these matters, there are ozonation kits, PPIs for our staff, gloves, mask and sanitising gel available for all our customers.

All facilities, services and areas have specific protocols to guarantee maximum security in our hotel. Such as kitchens, stores, maintenance services, cleaning staff, and of course, those areas and services that are most visible or that our customer has direct contact with:

Is one of the busiest areas of any hotel, and the first point of contact with our customers. We will have in place special security measures that make it a safe point despite being a place of great volume affluence.

  • Installation of partitions at the reception desk.
  • Continuous cleaning of all contact points .
  • Disinfection of all keys and keycards.
  • Marking of areas with respect to safety distances.
  • Establishing a safe route of entry and exit in corridors and public areas.
  • A welcome kit that includes gloves, mask, gel, and sanitary hygiene information to all customers.
  • Safety distances for hammocks in the solarium areas.
  • Specific cleaning and disinfection protocols for commonly and/or frequently used items, contact surfaces, and frequently used facilities.
  • Disposal of gels for disinfection.
  • For safety reasons saunas, gyms and indoor swimming pools will remain closed.
  • Extended opening hours to avoid crowds.
  • Distance of 2 metres between tables, they will not be dressed or utensils provided until necessary.
  • All frequent contact points such as cutlery and utensils, bar menus, will be frequently replaced and disinfected.
  • The manager and waiting staff will ensure that shifts and safety distances are respected and therefore ensure that crowding is avoided, and all safety and hygiene recommendations are maintained.
  • In large hotels and in order to offer the maximum guarantee in hygienic and sanitary issues, buffets may be served to the customers by chefs equipped with PPIs.

Our entertainment services will continue to function normally to offer the same entertainment as always, yet maintaining standards to ensure the safety of all participants.

  • All common objects and furniture will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
  • The safety distance from the audience will be maintained in case of shows and performances and crowds will be avoided.
  • The entertainment programmes will be adapted to offer fun without the need for physical contact or proximity.
  • For safety reasons the playgrounds and Kids Clubs will remain closed. Children's entertainment will take place in open spaces.
  • All our Housekeeping team have been trained properly in order to guarantee the highest standards of sanitation.
  • Rooms will be cleaned with more frequency and intensity, reinforced with more specific products and processes.
  • Rooms will have to undergo some changes to improve hygiene. These will include the removal as far as possible, of textiles that cannot be washed between clients, and single-use objects will not be in place.

The above are some of the actions that will take place in our hotels, in order to maximize the protection and safety of all our employees and customers. Our main objectives are that our employees can carry out their tasks and work, in a safe environment to ensure that we can guarantee the utmost security and peace of mind for our customers so that they enjoy their holidays.
Based on all the above we will continue working so that we always offer the best of Globales to everyone.

Certificados de implantación del protocolo de seguridad frente a la COVID-19