Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions that follow regulate the use and access to the URL address www.Hotelesglobales.com, owned by OPTURSA MANAGEMENT SL, (hereinafter OPTURSA) whose registered address is Plaza de Ciudad Real nº 2, San Sebastián de los Reyes (28702 Madrid) with Fiscal Tax Code. No. B-07998768. Registered in the Trade Registry of Madrid on Folio 73, of Volume 26.353 of Companies, Page number M-474889, 2nd entry, Telephone: +34 971 928 396 / +34 902 106 118, fax: +34 971 132 335, electronic mail: reservas@hotelesglobales.com.

The present conditions herein are subject to the provisions set forth in Law 7/1998, dated 13 April, for General Conditions of Contract Act (LCGC) in Law 26/1984, dated 19 July, General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, Directive 97/7/CEE, dated 20 May of 1997, for the application of contracts developed via the Internet between the consumer and supplier and other current applicable legal provisions. OPTURSA  acts in name and representation of Hoteles Globales & Resorts which has the necessary permits and licences for this activity. The present general conditions of contract are exclusively applied to the final consumers. Professionals should go to the web page reserved for professionals with a username and password. The general conditions of contract herein constitute an agreement with OPTURSA through the web page www.Hotelesglobales.com for making a reservation for accommodation.

Please, carefully read the present general conditions and make sure that you fully understand its content before making a reservation. The present conditions are applied to all reservations made with OPTURSA as well as to all those who make this reservation. OPTURSA acts as an agent in name and representation of the hotels, apartments and villas included on this web page. OPTURSA reserves the right to amend the general conditions herein described at any time without prior notification or warning. Therefore, the rendering of this service is limited to time the User is connected to the web page or to any of the services that are provided through the site. By making a reservation, you hereby acknowledge and agree to have read, understood and agreed to the present terms and conditions. If there is any element of these general conditions that you do not fully understand or if you have any doubts or questions, please contact us.

1. How to make a reservation.
The user follows the instructions and completes the sections indicated in the corresponding section of this web page so as to make a reservation, and so as to make the payment for the said reservation in the terms established in section 5 (PAYMENT CONDITIONS FOR RESERVATION) of the present conditions. As soon as the reservation is made, the conditions for the cancellation fees come into effect. OPTURSA provides you with a receipt that should be printed and presented at the hotel upon your arrival. It is important that you revise all the details of your reservation to assure they are correct on the voucher that you can print.

2. Liability.
In the event that you make a reservation for two or more persons, you must be authorized to represent all those in name for whom the reservation has been made as well as accept any liability derived from the payments made in name of these persons, including cancellation fees or expenses derived from rectifications or modifications. Furthermore, as the person making the reservation you shall inform all those for whom you have made the reservation of the reservation details, as well as any other relevant information. Make sure that all the personal data entered during the reservation process are correct and true.

3. Legal Age. The User declares to be of legal age, namely, you are at least 18 years of age and have the necessary legal occupancy to enter into this agreement and to use this web site, in accordance with the General Conditions herein described, and fully comprehend and understand the agreement. If you are under the age of 18 and are travelling with your parents or legal guardians, they hereby assume any liability derived from this reservation, as well as all the obligations and expenses derived from this reservation.

4. What services are included?
The Terms & Conditions of this service (price, products, availability, cancellation or modification of the reservation conditions) have been established by the suppliers. Services included: - Accommodation and meal plan that appear in the reservation confirmation that is sent to the consumer upon contracting the service. - The rates or taxes of the hotel establishments - Indirect taxes (V.A.T. or Surtax) when applicable. Services not included: - Transfers /hotel-airport assistance and vice-versa and other similar transfers- Excursions or optional visits - Additional charges to the room, meals, and tips for services not included on the voucher. - Charge established by the hotels and apartments in virtue of sun-loungers, sports equipment for playing tennis, riding bicycles, etc, and any others. - Deposits requested by the hotel or apartment where the reservation has been made. - Any other service not indicated on the confirmation voucher.

5. Payment conditions for reservation.
The user can choose among these two payment methods:
- Online payment with credit/debit card: You will have to pay the total amount of the cost of the booking. If the hotel has special rates or specific conditions for the booking the user will be informed in due course.
- Payment at the hotel: The person who did the online booking will be requested to provide the credit/debit card details when doing the check in at the hotel. Once you arrive at the hotel you will have to pay the total amount of the cost of the online booking. We won’t be able to accept payments at the end of your stay.

6. Complementary services.
When you request, after the corresponding payment is made, complementary services that cannot be definitively confirmed by our web and if in the end these services cannot be offered, OPTURSA will only be liable for refunding the amount paid for such services.

7. Cancellation and modification of the reservation.
Once confirmation has been received, OPTURSA commits to providing clients all the services hired in the best way possible. But in the event that the number of persons changes, the accommodation price can be recalculated according to the new number of guests. For example, in the case that the number of people on the reservation is reduced, a vacancy is produced and as a consequence each of those who maintain their reservation might pay a surcharge. In the event that you want to make any modification of your stay at the reserved accommodation, for example, extend your stay in the said accommodation, the request to extend the reservation will logically be subject to the availability at this time in the accommodation, and the extra amount corresponding to this extra stay must be paid (to the hotel or apartment). In the event of cancellation or modification of your reservation, a charge will be applied that will be higher the later you make this cancellation or modification. To cancel a confirmed reservation you shall express this request in writing by sending us an email or online in name of the person who appears on the invoice. The cancellation fees will be calculated according to the relation indicated below and you will be informed immediately of the cost. Please, keep in mind that the cancellation fees indicated below refer exclusively to the changes for the same hotel, but if what you want is to change hotels, please contact our reservation department: Tel. +34 971 928 396 / +34 902 106 118, Fax: +34 971 132 335 or by mail reservas@Hotelesglobales.com where they will inform you about the cost of this change. If the cancellation email is received two days prior to your arrival, 1 night will be charged as a cancellation fee. In case you were customer loyalty club member, and you cancel your reservation 1 day prior to arrival, you will be penalized 50% of the payment for 1 night of accommodation. 

We offer in our website as well Non Refundable rates and in case of cancel or modify 100% will be charged as cancelletion fee.

8. Before starting your trip.
All users, without exception (children included) must carry their corresponding valid personal and family ID, either a passport of National ID, according the laws of the country or countries being visited. When required, it shall be the responsibility of those travelling to get visas, passports and vaccine certificates, etc OPTURSA declines all responsibility in the event that a visa is denied by any authority due to causes related to users, or if a traveller's entry into a country is denied on account of not having fulfilled the necessary requirements of that particular country .

9. Insurance.
The consumer is informed, in compliance with the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, that upon agreeing hereby to the contract, we recommend that you take out travel assistance insurance that covers repatriation expenses in the case of an accident, illness or death.

10. Force Majeure.
The cases of force majeure refer to (including, but not limited to) fires, extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, accidents, epidemics, destruction or damage to the accommodation for any cause, governmental decisions, war, war treaty, civil riots, terrorist attack or any industrial or commercial action detrimental to OPTURSA.

11. Claims.
Despite having supervised all our accommodations, it is possible that the rendering of a service is not completely satisfactory. In such case, you shall tell the reception desk or hotel or apartment manager where you are staying so as to try and solve the problem. If the problem cannot be solved this way, we inform you that OPTURSA shall not be responsible for the damage or losses derived from the actions, omissions or negligence of third parties.

12. Waiver of liability.
The information provided on this web page is provided by the Hotels. OPTURSA shall not be liable for any inaccurate, erroneous or lack of any information from third parties. The hotels and other service providers are businesses independent from OPTURSA and its affiliates, therefore they are not considered as agencies or employees of the company, and therefore shall not be liable for the acts, omissions, abuses or negligence of the service providers, or any resulting damages and expenses. OPTURSA and its affiliates shall not be liable in the case of overbooking, force majeure, or any other cause beyond its control.

13. Compensation.
You are responsible for the behaviour of the members of your group during your stay. The accommodation provider reserves the right, at any time, to conclude your stay or the stay of any member of your group due to inappropriate behaviour. In this case, the due charges shall be applied for cancelling your entire stay and no refund shall be possible. Furthermore, the accommodation provider is not required to pay any compensation nor bear the cost or expense that you could incur due to the anticipated conclusion of your stay based on the reasons described in this paragraph. If your actions or those of the members of your group, damage the accommodation in which you are housed, you commit to compensate them (including legal fees) in view of any legal action taken by the owner. Lastly, your are obliged to refund the accommodation owner for any damage caused before finalizing your stay.

14. Check-in and Check-out.
Although international regulations state 12:00 pm as check-in and check-out time, some establishments cannot guarantee check-in until 2:00 pm, and check-out is always before 12:00 pm.

15. Applicable Jurisdiction.
The present general conditions are governed by Spanish Law and the parties submit to, in case of any discrepancy, the Spanish Courts.


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